The allergy and specific immunotherapy specialist

Allergopharma is an internationally operating pharmaceutical company specialized in research, production and distribution of preparations for in vivo diagnosis and treatment – specific immunotherapy (SIT) – of type 1 allergies.

Allergies caused by grass pollen, tree pollen (e.g. birch pollen), house dust mite allergens or mould spores are now among the most prevalent of all diseases and affect 20-35% of people worldwide. Subcutaneous specific immunotherapy (SCIT) is paperswrite site widely accepted as the only causal treatment for allergies that can prevent the allergic march to asthma and new allergies/sensitizations (long-term efficacy).

The Allergopharma success story is based primarily on hypoallergenic, high-dose, subcutaneous immunotherapy (SCIT) products (allergoids) that, depending on the therapeutic objective, can be used either preseasonally or perennially. In fact, Allergopharma is the European market leader in this area. Major benefits of subcutaneous specific buy essay paper immunotherapy (SCIT) for the allergologist in daily practice are a close patient-doctor relation, good patient compliance, good efficacy and tolerability and a favourable cost-benefit ratio.

Demanding and living up to the highest of quality standards and committed to ongoing allergy product improvement, Allergopharma has developed from a pharmaceutical company into an international leader in SIT research. As a leader in innovative recombinant (“bio-engineered”) allergens, Allergopharma is also ready for the future.

Founded in 1969 by Joachim Ganzer in Reinbek near Hamburg, Germany, Allergopharma today has almost 500 employees at the Reinbek site, including over 60 in research.

What’s more, Allergopharma, an affiliated company of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, can draw on the logistics support and expertise of an internationally operating corporation in turning its plans for growth into reality.