Cellestis Limited is an innovative Australian biotechnology company committed to building a profitable and growing business by developing and distributing human diagnostic products for the detection of cellular immune response.

Cellestis, a QIAGEN Company, develops and markets QuantiFERON technology products for medical diagnosis and scientific research. The QuantiFERON technology is a patented whole blood method for detecting cell mediated immune (CMI) responses of T cell lymphocytes using whole blood samples. This unique technology provides accuracy and sensitivity, along with major savings in operator time, labour and reagents compared to other means of measuring CMI.

The QuantiFERON technology, with its simple In-Tube blood incubation step, is well suited to diagnostic pathology laboratory use in a number of infectious diseases and medical conditions. The method is also suitable for clinical research, clinical testing in vaccine development and any indication where the monitoring of CMI responses is required. Cellestis currently manufactures and markets four QuantiFERON product lines.