Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a stable and prosperous market economy, which harmonized its laws and regulations with those of the EU prior to its EU accession in 2004. While the conservative, inward-looking Czech financial system has remained relatively healthy, the small, open, export-driven Czech economy remains very sensitive to changes in the economic performance of its main export markets, especially Germany.

Key facts:

Area:  78 867 km²

Population:  10 548 527 inhabitants

Capital: Praha

Currency:  Czech Crown (CZK)

Currency rate:  1 EUR approx. 25 CZK

1 USD approx. 19 CZK

GDP (purchase power parity): $ 272.2 billions

GDP (per capita): $ 25,900

Life expectancy at birth: male 74,11 years, female 80,83 years

Number of healthcare institutions: 189

Number of physicians: 38 652

Physicians density: 3,625 phys./1000 population

Number of pharmacies: 2 630

Office:  CEEMED, spol. s r. o.              

              Kettnerova 2055/14

              CZ-155 00 Praha 5

              Phone   +420 910 110 571

              Fax       +420 211 141 689


 General principles of the health system in the Czech republic

I. Solidarity.

Solidarity of the economically active with the economically inactive people means that every insured person pays an insurance premium as a percentage of their income regardless of what health care they receive or will receive.

II. High degree of self-administration.

III. Multisource financing with major share of public health insurance.

Health care is funded from public health insurance, direct payments, the national budget and regional budgets.

IV. Equal availability of health care for all insured persons.

The health care system strives to create conditions in which there are no differences in the availability of health care.

V. Obligatory vaccination against infectious diseases.

Organization of the health care system in the Czech republic

The public health insurance system of the Czech Republic is based on three interconnected pillars – insured person (person insured under the Act on public health insurance) – health care facility
(authorized to provide health care) – health insurer (institution with which the insured person is insured).

Health care is largely provided on the territory of the Czech Republic on the basis of compulsory health insurance. Foreign nationals participate in public health insurance when they have permanent residence in the Czech Republic and, if it is not the case, when they are employed by an employer with registered office or permanent residence in the Czech Republic. In some cases the state pays the insurance contributions (for example, for children without means of subsistence up to the age of 26, old-age pensioners). Concerning employment, the employer pays in health insurance contributions 13.5% of the employee’s gross wage and the employee contributes one third of this, that is 4.5%. 

Outpatient care

Outpatient care is provided by primary care physicians or specialists. These are general practitioners for adults, general practitioners for children and young people, dentists and gynaecologists.

A patient can visit a specialist physician in the Czech Republic without a referral from the primary care physician.

Institutional (inpatient) care

If the nature of an illness demands this, a primary care physician or outpatient specialist can refer a patient for hospital treatment or arrange for their admittance.
Inpatient care is provided in hospitals and specialized institutions, such as psychiatric hospitals and rehabilitation centres, hospices, sanatoria, long-term care hospitals.

Dispensing medicaments and medical devices

In the Czech Republic there is an extensive network of pharmacies dispensing medicaments and medical devices, both on prescription and over the counter.

Validity of prescriptions:

  • a prescription from an emergency service is valid for one day after its issue,
  • a prescription for antibiotics and antimicrobial chemotherapeutics is valid for 5 days,
  • other prescriptions are valid for 14 days unless the prescribing physician      decides otherwise.

Preventive care

Preventive examinations and vaccination against infectious diseases are performed by primary care physicians.

Scope of care reimbursed from public health insurance

Health care provided on the basis of public health insurance and reimbursed from this insurance covers:

  • outpatient and institutional (inpatient) care
  • emergency and ambulance services
  • preventive care
  • dispensary care
  • supply of medicaments, medical supplies (e.g. hearing aids, bandages)
  • balneological care, care in specialized children’s hospitals and sanatoria
  • industrial health care
  • transport of the sick, reimbursement of travel expenses
  • forensic examination and post-mortem

Some medicaments are reimbursed in full by insurance companies whereas some are co-financed by the patients. In every category of medicaments there must be at least one reimbursed in full by an insurer. Costs of medicaments and medical devices during hospitalization are reimbursed in full by the insurer and the insured person does not pay directly.

Despite risks to the Czech Pharmaceutical market posed by upcoming healthcare reforms and unfavourable changes to pricing and reimbursement regimes, the market remains one of the most attractive in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). While lower growth is expected in the Czech market compared with its larger regional neighbour Poland, the industry has escaped large-scale cuts to reimbursement spending like those set to be introduced in Hungary. High per-capita drug market expenditure and a relatively high penetration of patented drugs continue to make this market attractive to international drugmakers.

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