Hungary has made the transition from a centrally planned to a market economy, with a per capita income nearly two-thirds that of the EU-25 average. The private sector accounts for more than 80% of GDP. Foreign ownership of and investment in Hungarian firms are widespread, with cumulative foreign direct investment worth more than $70 billion. In 2010 the new government implemented a number of changes including cutting business and personal income taxes, but imposed “crisis taxes” on financial institutions, energy and telecom companies, and retailers. The economy began to recover in 2010 with a big boost from exports, especially to Germany, and achieved growth of approximately 1.8% in 2011. Unemployment remained high, at more than 11% in 2011. Ongoing economic weakness in Western Europe is likely to further constrain growth in 2012.

Hungarian Health Care System

The Hungarian health system is relatively resource intensive and is characterised by high hospitalisation rates, an excess supply of specialists and perverse incentives both for doctors and hospital administrators. Budgetary rules prevent hospitals from properly amortising investments and limit their capacity to manage labour costs. Furthermore inadequate supervision of billing by the state administrator has led to a fraudulent inflation in both the number and the “seriousness” of treatments. Recent reforms have concentrated on containing costs but efforts to improve service delivery and health outcomes have been plagued by problems of institutional conflict. Although cost pressures on the healthcare system are likely to intensify in the future, the economy’s capacity to pay will improve and, as a result, the gap between the quality and quantity of Hungarian versus European healthcare will gradually close. The paper makes a series of concrete policy recommendations, principal of which is that reform should go ahead in an evolutionary manner, albeit with a determined shift in priorities. Emphasis needs to be placed upon measures that support health promotion, while concerted changes are needed at the financial, legal and organisational levels in order to ensure that decision-makers are held accountable and that the authorities are in a position to monitor them. Finally, more emphasis needs to be placed on increasing home-based care, occupational- and physio-therapy services and on making greater use of nursing-homes as opposed to chronic-care hospital beds.

most rabid Rabbitohs fans

In 1908, a young Frank Coorey ventured to Redfern Oval in Sydney with his father Anthony to watch the South Sydney Rabbitohs first top grade rugby league outing.

In 1971, Frank son Michael was on hand to watch the Rabbitohs win their last premiership.

The Coorey family were together for the last game at Redfern Oval in 1987, and celebrated like never before when their beloved team were once again installed in the NRL for the 2002 season.

It history likes this which explains why The Spotted Cow Hotel Toowoomba manager Phillip Coorey has red and green running wholesale jerseys through his veins.

Michael Coorey and son Phil Coorey Toowoomba’s biggest Rabbitohs fans. Nev Madsen

At 39, he has never experienced a grand final week involving his beloved South Sydney.

“The Coorey family, like many other families, is very passionate about South Sydney and when we came to Toowoomba in 1995 that didn change one little bit,” he said

In fact, his six year old twin daughters, Victoria and Eleanor, are already club members as well as all of Michael and Dianne grandchildren in Brisbane, taking cheap nfl jerseys the Coorey and Rabbitohs dynasty into a fifth generation.

“Win, lose or draw on Sunday, the family tradition of supporting the Bunnies will live on.”

Xavier, Michael, Phil, Eleanor, Dominic, Victoria and Josephine Coorey members of the Rabbitohs mad Coorey family. Nev Madsen

The Spotted Cow grand final day celebrations will start at midday when the doors open.

“For those long suffering cheap nfl jerseys Bunnies supporters, and anyone else who wants to be red and green for the day, come down and celebrate this magic day with me,” Phil Coorey said.

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